Buildpack CI

Low-effort CI on GitHub

Buildpack CI 

Have you enjoyed the convenience that buildpacks give you when deploying on platforms that support it, such as Heroku? Have you wished you can have the same convenience for your CI/CD pipeline without have to dig for the steps that you need to get everything running properly? You are probably not alone!

Buildpack CI is an action on GitHub Actions that uses buildpacks and Herokuish to give us this convenience on the GitHub platform. In the simplest case, adding one line to your GitHub Actions workflow will build and run unit tests for your app. Ready to give it a shot?

Languages You Love Building Apps In

What languages do you love building apps in? Chances are that there is a buildpack for it that you can leverage. Several languages come supported right out of the box, but it’s not hard to add new ones.

Get Started In Minutes

It can take as little as one line in your GitHub workflow to get started. A more complex configuration may be a few more lines. Super-simple!

Customize To Add New Languages

Adding new languages is as easy as defining a buildpack, or creating your own buildpack by forking an existing buildpack and adding some shell scripts.